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Affiliate Marketing Glossary

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Within the context of Affiliate Marketing, an advertiser pays an affiliate (also called a publisher) to generate sales or leads on the advertiser's behalf by a variety of means.

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Within the context of Affiliate Marketing, an advertiser pays an affiliate to generate sales, leads, or other events on the advertiser's behalf.

While an affiliate may have a direct relationship with an advertiser, more commonly affiliates and advertisers connect via affiliate networks like Commission Junction or LinkShare.

Also: Publisher.

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Affiliate Marketing

Driving traffic to your website by soliciting and motivating affiliate website operators and content publishers to sell your products.

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Affiliate Network

A company that facilitates affiliate marketing by providing lead and conversion tracking, payment management, and affiliate recruiting and management services for advertisers. Networks generally charge advertisers a flat fee to initiate service, as well as a percentage of each transaction generated within the network. Although there are dozens of affiliate networks, the vast majority of affiliate transactions are processed by one of the following four companies:

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When a potential customer clicks through to the merchant site and completes a purchase.



A word or short phrase that forms part of a search query.

Also: Key Phrase, Search Term

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See Affiliate.

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A customer purchase.


Search Engine

Definition coming soon!


Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

The web page that a search engine returns in response to a search query. SERP content is drawn from one or more of the following sources:

  • Search indexes
  • Internet directories
  • Sponsored search listings

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Search Index

A map of the Internet created automatically by means of web spiders. Search indexes generally relate web page content to one or more keywords. Modern search indices also use a variety of techniques to asess the relevance of a web page to a given keyword, both globally and relative to similar pages.

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Search Query

A string of text, composed of keywords and search operators arranged according to a given search syntax, that serves as the input to a search engine. For example, consider the following search queries, which use the Google search syntax:

Each of these search queries contains the keywords "apple" and "pie," and the first two also contains the composite keyword "apple pie." Each query will produce a different result, though, due to the arrangement of operators in conjunction with the keywords.

Search query results are generally displayed on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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Search Term

See Keyword.

Related Words  Keyword


Related Words  Search Engine Results Page (SERP)


 The volume of website visitors over a given period of time.


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