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Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Hallelujah State Tax Nexus could be a thing of the past
By Mike Gunn @ 4:58 AM :: 3663 Views :: Article Rating :: Affiliate Marketing, Breaking News

U.S. Dick Durbin has introduced a bill that would require all web retailers to collect sales tax. If passed, the bill would supersede a U.S. Supreme Court decision that prevents states from forcing Internet retailers to collect sales tax unless they have an in-state physical presence.

 See the article here.

This is great news for affiliates loacted in the current Nexus Tax States of CT,NY,RI,CO,IL & CA and those preparing such bills.  Merchants may not be happy as they will have to collect the tax and pay the states but it does resolve the Nexus Tax issues for mearchants who have terminated affiliates due to the tax law. Let's hope this passes quickly so we can all get back to marketing our products and services.


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