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Profit Rank: What We Do

ProfitRank offers e-commerce clients a low cost alternative to finding and hiring a full time experienced Affiliate Marketing Manager. Working closely with you the client we strive to understand your past efforts and the potential affiliate channel opportunity.

Since February 2004 ProfitRank has forged personal relationships with hundreds of top performing affiliates and super affiliates. We have also worked within many of the affiliate networks.

We know what works and what doesn't work in the affiliate channel!

ProfitRank works with merchants who have an existing affiliate program or those who wish to investigate the affiliate channel potential for their product/service offer launch. Working hand in hand with our clients we start to understand the client offer and existing client affiliate marketing efforts to determine the next steps.

Existing Affiliate Programs

Whether you have an affiliate program that has not met your revenue expectations or you wish to decrease your affiliate management costs ProfitRank will help.  

ProfitRank will;
Review your existing affiliate program and compare to competition within the joined and competing affiliate network/s.

Review client site statistics for traffic volume, conversion rate, and average order from all marketing channels.

Review your affiliate account within the affiliate network to look at creative, affiliate marketing policy, compensation models, and existing affiliate participation. Note: We will need a temporary affiliate network log in to your affiliate account or request you process various affiliate reports.

Report results and make recommendations to improve your affiliate program.
Make any agreed to appropriate recommended changes and start to recruit relevant top performing affiliates for your program.

Maintain your programs daily needs and work with you to grow your program profitably.

New To Affiliate Marketing

Clients who are looking to launch an affiliate program or enter into the affiliate marketing arena will need to understand the initial and ongoing affiliate needs and costs. Yes, there are costs in affiliate marketing that are above the affiliate compensation. We'll explain those costs with you.

ProfitRank will;
Work with you to determine if the affiliate marketing channel has potential for your product/service offering.

Review existing site or proposed site launch.

Investigate your competition in the affiliate marketing space.

Review product/service offering and determine the proper components needed for affiliate marketing success.

Identify the correct affiliate network based on your target audience, the type of affiliate partners right for your program, your product/service offering, and your budget.

Provide a complete written proposal with all costs to launch, manage, and grow your affiliate program.

Work with you for creative offers, ads, and affiliate deals to grow your affiliate program profitably.


ProfitRank Affiliate Marketing Consulting Services

Not sure about the affiliate channel? Looking to step up your program growth? Wishing to launch an affiliate program with in house staff but lack the experience in the affiliate channel? Call or email ProfitRank today.  We'll be happy to help to make sure your marketing dollars are spent profitably.

Other Affiliate management firms ask for money up front, collect a portion of your spending, and profit whether or not you do. Profit Rank is different!

At Profit Rank, we put our money where our mouth is: we will spend your money to generate traffic, but we take our revenue from the sales we generate! The bottom line: Profit Rank only succeeds when you succeed... and that's


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