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Outsourced Affiliate Marketing Management & Consulting

Increase Your Affiliate Channel Revenue with
Profit Rank's Affiliate Management & Consulting Services

Whether you are looking to launch an affiliate program or grow your current affiliate program, Profit Rank will make sure you are successful!

Affiliate Program Analysis

Since 2004 Profit Rank has learned what it takes to have a successful affiliate program. We will review your affiliate program description, ads, commission structure, network/s, newsletters and affiliate recruitment strategy to identify areas of improvement.

Profit Rank will match your top performers to our current list and identify missing affiliates that have significant traffic specific to your audience. We will provide you with a contact list or perform the recruitment for you.

New Affiliate Program Launch

Affiliate Marketing isn't right for every merchant and it's NOT FREE!

There are costs to get in the affiliate marketing game and you need to know if your product or service offer will work and what you need to make it successful. Let Profit Rank's experts work with you to ensure your affiliate program success. 

Before you launch an affiliate program there are a few things you need to know:
  • Your target audience?
  • Should you outsource or hire internally?
  • Should you work within a network or make your program private?
  • What are the costs, benefits, pros and cons?
  • What are your competitors affiliate programs offering and which networks are they in?
  • How successful are your competitor programs?
  • How much should you offer affiliates for sales or leads?
  • Do you have brand awareness?
  • Should you budget for placement to gain exposure and sales?

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